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Employee Health Benefits

Reduce Turnover & Stand Out in Today’s Competitive Market

The landscape for job seekers and employers has significantly changed over the last several years. As a result, employees are coming to interviews with more expectations now than ever before. According to a recent study by the Federal Reserve, the United States is experiencing a shortage in the skilled labor force to a high number of retirements over the last several years. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stated that 3.5 million fewer individuals have a job or are looking for one compared to pre-pandemic levels.

As a result, those in the market for a new career position are looking for and demanding better salaries, better benefits, and flexible work hours.
Employers have responded to these demands. Companies of all sizes aggressively advertise their benefits packages to attract candidates for open positions.

A Great Benefits Package is Essential

When asked what they seek in a potential employer, "Corporate Culture" is often mentioned. "Corporate Culture" is a catch-all term for how employers treat their workforce. A large part of Corporate Culture is related to areas such as the ability for remote work, flexible hours, and other perks such as free or discounted lunch, and for their accomplishments to be recognized and celebrated by their management.

Another significant aspect of Culture is the benefits package offered, with Medical Insurance being the most crucial benefit.

Helping Employers of All Sizes Since 1991

Since 1991, we have been helping employers of all sizes find the best value for their benefit dollars. We can provide you with information and creative ways to save on tax dollars for your group of 2-100 employees and large New York Groups. In addition, our comparison spreadsheets will allow you to make decisions on what is best for your company and its employees.

Recruit and Retain Employees with Health and Wellness Programs. In addition, we can include Long Term Care Riders and Income Supplements to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and core documents for tax savings and all other ancillary benefits.
We offer certified ACA compliance consulting and underwriting self-insured plans, fully insured plans, level funding, Balanced Funding, and PEO products.

Learn more about our services and the benefits you can provide to create the corporate culture that will attract and retain the right employees you are looking for. Call Susan Wiener Enterprises at 631-385-9602 or fill out the form on our contact page.

Additional Services Provided

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Disability Insurance

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