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Human Resources

We offer Human Resouces to all of our clients as a FREE RESOURCE

Susan Wiener Enterprises LLC provides clients with the Mineral HR Risk Management Software tool FREE of CHARGE. This is a value-added benefit to save you time and money and to get answers in real-time. 

Mineral furnishes answers to your Compliance and Human Resources questions, has a Covid-19 Crisis Response Center, assists with building employee handbooks, webinars on-demand, and state-specific mandated courses.


There are 300 training courses to choose from allowing you to target your industry needs.

Mineral Human Resources

Mineral HR has a live Advisor Team available from 8 am - 8 pm EST. They offer callbacks during peak times, and questions can also be submitted online or through their mobile app. There is no limit to the frequency in which you can take advantage of these resources. Once again, this is a FREE RESOURCE - COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE. 

You will receive a welcome letter from Mineral HR, including system login instructions. Human Resources and Compliance can be a very confusing and overwhelming for business owners.  You will have questions. This will allow you to have a team that can field any questions for Human Resources free of charge. 

From time to time, Mineral HR will set up a brief webinar to help in providing any missing information you may need to know when trying to use this value-added benefit for your company. 

Mineral Can potentially limit your exposure to unexpected HR complications.

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